Healthy Week of Meals

Cooking has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I would host “Danielle Eats” live in my parent’s kitchen. Binging the best meals to a dinner table near you. I never did pursue my career in Hollywood (even though I know I would have put Rachel Ray up to a good fight) I still have always had a passion for food and nutrition.

In my series What’s Cooking? you’ll find healthy meal plans for every night of the week that don’t sacrifice in flavor or variety. I have scoured Pintested for recipes and bringing them to you with some tips, tricks, and pics.

Chicken and Broccoli Stuffed Spaghetti Squash by the forked spoon

Monday’s Meal: Chicken and Broccoli Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Healthy Tips & Cooking Tricks
  • Recipe link here
  • Save time by microwaving the spaghetti squash for ~10 minutes. All you have to do it cut the squash in half, clean out seeds and add 2-tablespoons of water before microwaving. This will cut down on the squash cook time before stuffing
  • Store leftovers in the fridge and reheat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or until warm
  • Health Benefits Spaghetti Squash: eye and skin health, aids in wound healing, helps fight off free radicals, supports bone health, may prevent birth defects, helps abate inflammation, and promotes cardiovascular health.

Taco Tuesday’s Meal: Instant Pot Pork Carnitas

Healthy Tips & Cooking Tricks
  • Recipe link here
  • You need to buy an Instant Pot. It is my favorite kitchen item by far!
  • This recipe has a significant serving of pork so we ended up inviting a few couples over, assembling a taco station and shared the meal. This is an easy way to spice up a weeknight and easily entertain with friends.
  • Health benefits of Pork: pork is high in various vitamins and minerals (including thiamine, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin, phosphorus, and iron), as well as high-quality protein. Adequately cooked it can make an excellent part of a healthy diet in moderation.

Wednesday’s Meal: Shrimp Lo Mein

Healthy Tips & Cooking Tricks
  • Recipe link here
  • I always keep a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer. It is a great way to keep shrimp for longer as well as cut costs. Remember to take them out 1-day before cooking so they are thawed and ready to go
  • Health Benefits of Shrimp: shrimp is low in calories (84 calories per serving) and provides a high amount of protein and healthy fats, in addition to a variety of vitamins and minerals. Although shrimp is high in cholesterol, therefore, you will want to eat in moderation.

Thursday’s Meal: Garlic Butter Turkey Meatballs with Lemon Zucchini Noodles

Healthy Tips & Cooking Tricks
  • Recipe link here
  • The recipe calls for half ground turkey and half ground turkey, which is a lot healthier and was still very tasty
  • The recipe calls for 1 cup of cilantro, I followed this but I suggest cutting this in half as it was very strong
  • I also switched out butter for Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Health Benefits of Turkey: Turkey is the leanest and healthiest type of meats. It is a rich source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6 and the amino acid tryptothan. Light, skinless roasted turkey is low on saturated fat and total fat. Better yet, turkey also contains less cholesterol than chicken, pork or beef.

Friday’s Meal: French Onion Chicken

Healthy Tips & Cooking Tricks
  • Recipe link here
  • WOW. WOW. WOW. This recipe is one of my favorites! Especially with the cold weather, this is a great weekend meal to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie with.
  • I have made this recipe multiple times and it is perfection! I highly suggest trying it out!
  • Health Benefits of Onions: All vegetables are important for health, but each has a unique benefit, although inions offer an impressive amount of health benefits. Onions are nutrient-packed vegetables that decrease your risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Onions have antibacterial properties and promote digestive health, which may improve immune functions. Try adding onions to your diet, you will benefit your overall health!

I hope that this guide helps you plan a week of tasty and healthy meals.